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Gestion durable et
maîtrise économique
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Public authorities support missions

- Coaching for waste management policy definition, from regional to local scale, including bio treatment (anaerobic digestion, composting) regards to local conditions (geographic, demographic, energetic, and development targets (economical, environmental, …), and for multi-criteria projects evaluation

- International tender assistance (technical aspects, or complete mission in partnership) for bio treatment plants all along the different steps (technical tender documents production, offers evaluation, contract negotiation support, building and start running step support, performances validation, …)

- Technical missions (facility expertise, communication management, quality and training, feasibility studies, …)

Industries support and training

- Food industries waste management and treatment : sustainable development (CO² emissions reduction and global approach linked to process production, transportation, water consumption, bio treatment, energy impacts, …)

- Bio treatment technical solutions (composting or anaerobic digestion projects, and biogas use for all industries)

- Active bio treatment facilities assistance (technical and biologic performances checking, process change or technical rebuilding support for best results, …)

- R&D Process development support (technical and economical evaluation, experiment program … for news products and services linked to bio waste management, compost quality and uses, sustainable  development)

- Training support made to measure (staff or operating workers)

BIO’LOGIC Assistance is an Expert and Engineering Consultant for public authorities and private companies, specialist of Organic Wastes Management and specially for anaerobic digestion applications